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Beginning of my Hyper life

In Hyper Life by Touki Katt

he die is cast: I’ve been accepted to a Motion Creative Program at Hyper Island in Stockholm and started my new commuter life. I am yet to figure out for …

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In orbit

In Animate This, LearningByDoing by Touki Katt

It’s possible and in fact quite simple to make faux 3D satellites in AfterEffects. If you know how. This piece of animation is inspired by the vastness of space and the idea of being in an orbit.

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#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 31/100 – Building CONNECTED

In Animate This by Touki Katt

What better way to cheer oneself up than push some paint around the screen. Preparing graphics for the next part of the piece turned out to be fun and quite therapeutic. Animated texture – dancing loops – makes the text interesting by itself. Beware, your eyes can get all loopy!