The word "Stay" in the process of morphing

#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 03/100 – Stay Cool

In Animate This by Touki Katt

I morphed “A” into “O” before #The100DayProject started but the technique I used for turning “T” into “O” is the same as well as the final paths.

To make it morph vertically, rather than go from right to left, as After Effects does by default, I had to intervene on a number of occasions to balance both sides of the letters but I think it went quite well.


I had to hide the hole of the inner path of “O” inside “T” at the beginning and scale it up later. This is what the result looks like.

Now I can start thinking of how I will bring STAY onto the stage and styling the letters up. Some people would think this is the fun part but I really enjoyed solving the challenges with morphing.

I am now more motivated than ever to learn the basics of cel animation since it allows for much more control at all the stages. I think I am ready for the pain!