Colorful lines truning around in 3D space

#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 05/100 – Instant gratification

In Animate This by Touki Katt

Tonight’s dwelling at the computer screen is all about instant gratification. I want colors mixed with some swooping movements topped with some glow and I want it NOW! So I decided to take Trapcode 3D Stroke plugin for a ride.

To get me on a good foot with the plugin in a more structured way, I followed the tutorial from Mattrunks in which he went through some of the basic features of 3D Stroke in a small project. Here’s the result.

I appreciate how painless it is to create animation of this sort and the amount of control over the properties of the stroke. It’s easy to imagine that much more can be achieved with more intricate camera movements and more interesting paths. So I will keep exploring it and look for examples and break downs of interesting projects using 3D stroke.

The plugin also comes with a bunch of ready presets to start animating and maybe great for secondary animation.

One thing that threw me off somewhat was that the instructor changed the comp settings from 8bps to 32 bps after applying the Glow effect in AfterEffects. I did that and was very pleased with the glow. Yet when I rendered the project video I discovered a hiccup in the otherwise very smooth motion. It took me a while to realise it might have to do with the render being done at 32 bps. I switched to 16 bps and it went smoothly.

This last setback made me also aware of how little I know about these settings that apparently matter so much. I emailed the team at School of Motion with the suggestion to cover this issue in one of the Motion Mondays newsletters from which I learn a lot.