COOL with spatter flying around the letters

#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 11/100 – Done with “COOL”

In Animate This by Touki Katt

I’ve got  “COOL” (or at least some main, time consuming splatter). It took me tons of time but I’ve tried three different ways of creating and animating shapes like this using masks. I also caught up on some of the podcasts! This is what I’ve got at this stage.

Next week I will be creating more fun details, including secondary splatter (I am not kidding) and the reveal of “STAY” (heads up: at this point I cannot think of any better way for it to be revealed but by the means of flying drops.

So why does splatter matter? Because it’s precisely this kind of detail that makes a peace stand out, makes the viewer “buy” into the whole movement. It is often rather easy to make (some straightforward technique) but very time consuming. It follows that it has to be done, there is juts no other way around it.

(Of course, it can be done in a variety of ways and here I chose to do it directly in After Effects without any third party plugins. I don’t think I will want to do it again in this partocular way any time soon, though.)

For the weekend I saved learning the foundations of cel animation using Adobe Animate (aka Flash).