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#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 17-22/100 – Colour me fire

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For the last five days I’ve been animating fire flames frame by frame. Most of the work consisted in drawing and then colouring those frames though. I’ve been curious to test the workflow from animating frame by frame to colouring it in Photoshop to bringing the piece into After Effects for final tweaking.

It’s been five long and sometimes painful days but I’ve learn a thing or two about software and – importantly – got to experiment. Also, I cought up on some of my favorite podcasts. 🙂

My workflow

  1. Research moving fire flames
  2. Draw the outlines of external and internal fire flames in Adobe Animate
  3. Render the video file
  4. Import the video file into Photoshop
  5. Re-draw the outlines in AnimDessin and colour and flames using dry brushes
  6. Render the video from Photoshop with alpha channel
  7. Import the video into AfterEffects and apply adjustments as needed
I am not at all shure this is the most efficient workflow. Re-drawing the whole thing in Photoshop seems like an extra step but for someone with better drawing skills it would go much faster. Because of this I think the whole thing could have been drawn and animated in Photoshop directly.

Things I’ve learnt

  • Improved drawing and tracing skills
  • Became more confident in Animate
  • Learnt to use AnimDessin2 for animation and coloring inside Photoshop
  • Improved understanding of advantages and disadvantages of “straight ahead” animation

Need to figure out

Am yet to figure out how to use AnimCouleur2 for efficient colouring in Photoshop. Since I was using brushes, I did it directly in AnimDessin but it might be helpful for application of solid colour or using masks, who knows. Will keep experimenting.

Tutorials to help

Software used

  • Adobe Animate CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC with AnimDessin2
  • Adobe AfterEffects CC

Next step in cel animation

Now that I am more confident in Animate, I feel more motivated to pick up that class with Henrique Barone on Classical animation workflow and technique that I started watching a while ago. Onward!


After a couple of days of posting basically the same images on Instagram I decided to only post a couple of progress images and the final project when it’s done.

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