"STA" in capital letters

#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 25-28/100 – STAY reveal

In Animate This by Touki Katt

For the last few days I’ve been working on making the reveal of STAY using flying blobs to gradually fill in the letter shapes. Evan Abram demonstrates the technique in his instructional YouTube tutorial and I used it for my little project spicing the animation up with splatter generated by Trapcode Particular.

Below is a few snippets of the workflow. I fugured there is no need to repeat what Evan shows so well in the tutorial.

Couldn’t agree more with Evan on the value of thougtful detail. This is why I spent a couple of days just drawing and animating fram-by-frame the flying blobs themselves as well as the droplets coming out at their entry points.

I added such detail as a droplet being thrown off its trajectory by the turbulence caused by the flying by blobb. I am not sure it can even be noticed at such speed but but if it does, it will likely increase credabiltiy of the animation.

Generating splatter particles and making them follow the motion path of the blob was a breeze with Trapcode Particular. It also gave me a chance to experiment with the particle properties and get more intimate with Particular.

Revealing the letters by means of the blobs also took a bit of time.

Some additional splatter coming out from the point of blob entries into the letters was added using Trapcode Particular with Simple Choker effect applied to it to make the particles “sticky” and lump up.

I also apprecited Evan’s tip on using the Echo effect in AfterEffects for onion skinning.