"CONNECTED" in capital letters

#100DaysOfAnimateThis: 31/100 – Building CONNECTED

In Animate This by Touki Katt

Feeling a little moddy today, what better way to cheer oneself up than draw some colorful letters in Photoshop.

Arguebly, smuding and mixing colors on paper with fingers rather than on screen would have been more theraputic although also messy. But Kyle Webster’s delicious and rich set of brushes now available for all users of Photoshop CC 2018 is just impossible to say no to. You have so many tools to expriment with, all in one place…

My idea for this piece is to animate letters popping up onto the screen that will then get connected by the lines and read “CONNECTED”.

Some “loopy loops” – animated texture from Looper Pack – makes the text look fun without any animation of the text itself. My eyes get loopy, too!