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4 weeks of Type and Yoga

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I’ve been meaning to re-establish a daily yoga practice. I also want to keep growing as an animator and motion designer. Why not combine the two, I thought? 

For the next four weeks – starting October 16 – I will be doing yoga and animating type. Almost every day. Not necessarily at the same time. 

I believe one practice will support the other one. Yoga offers wonderful “maintenance techniques” for that body of ours that we so need for ensuring a long creative life.
It also offers ways of dealing with creatives’ ultimate enemies – Perfectionism and Resistance. (Then there is that infamous gap but I think it is very much linked with Perfectionism). 

Project goal: to settle focused and comfortable in my body and in AfterEffects, animating type.

To support the process and avoid the known traps, I’ve sketched a few guidelines. Sort of like the ones yoga teachers provide for their students.

  • Yoga and Type can intercept but don’t have to.
  • Don’t let perfectionism stand in the way of creation
  • … but don’t rush to produce either.
  • Take the time for reflection after every piece.
  • Share the work with others.
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The brief account of each day’s practice and the resources I used will be published here as well as on my Instagram account.

Weekly schedule includes a proper stretch – creation of 2-3 smaller and 1 larger project – but also time for looking inside other people’s project files as well as inside myself and a whole day of PLAY.

Productivity doesn’t mean fast and furious.   

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