Creating a colour palette from a book cover using Adobe Capture

Create color schemes on the go (and steal like an artist)

In Mobile, Tools by Touki Katt

Starting on my new animation project I am faced with the choice of the color palette. I can browse sites like Adobe Color or Coolors  and save the colour schemes I like. But to be honest though, often times I end up losing focus and get visually overwhelmed by so many colours.

Book cover of "la Grande Estate!

Olimpia Zagnoli’s collages of Tuscan landscapes are beautiful and haunting at the same time

Here is my solution: I start with a palette I already like and take it from there. Using Adobe Capture CC  app I can “lift” colours from anything: a painting, a peace of clothing, a landscape or even my dog 😀.

For the upcoming project that I associate with a sunny landscape (cannot get enough of summer!) I got inspired by the Italian designer Olimpia Zagnoli and her series of collages that recently came out in the book form – “la Grande Estate” (“The Great Summer”).

I launched the app on my iPhone, directed the camera onto one of her beautiful collages and the app picked up the colours into a colour palette! (see screenshots below)

Now I can easily adjust the palette, override some of the colours if I want, and then save it as a theme into my CC Library. It will now patiently wait for me when I fire up After Effects, Photoshop or Illustrator. All in a matter of seconds and without straining my eyeballs. Bravo!

Now, go out and start capturing the colours that move you. Anytime and anywhere. Then bring them into your designs and share them with others.


Learn how to use Adobe Capture CC app with this tutorial from Adobe