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Creative Manifesto for art and life

In Creative Life by Touki Katt

In the last few months I felt somewhat lost and overwhelmed by both opportunities and challenges of a career in motion graphics as a freelancer.

It’s easy to get carried away with so much visual noise around and lose track of what actually matters to me.

Words "Create. Make. Live"

This is why one of the goals I committed to in my Mograph Mastermind group was to draft my very own Creative Manifesto.

It can remind me of the values I want to stand by in my career and life.

It can also be very helpful when making decisions, from what kind of clients I want to work with to what work I want to ship into the world.

A leading star of sorts.

A good manifesto… guides your business decisions, and inspires your audience. It makes the right people feel keen to be part of your tribe—to become your client, to read your blog, to partner up for projects, to buy and own your products, to act on your advice.

– Henneke Duistermaat, of Enchanted Marketing

I have a list of things that mattered to me from a few years back but never got to the step of putting them together and prioritizing among them.

Manifestos is an energizing and valuable tool for desion-making

It took me a few days of going back and forth through the list but this time was in no way wasted.

Looking at this list now, I noticed how what mattered to me changed with time and experience.

So, here’s my freshly baked Manifesto.

Creative Manifesto

  1. Grow through constant learning and heart-felt collaborations.
  2. Always move the ball forward. Constant motion is the key to execution. 
  3. Done is better than perfect. Feck Perfuction.
  4. Productivity that is intentional and nurturing.
  5. Accept and explore your weirdness. It’s a superpower that will help you find your unique voice.
  6. Don’t wait to be asked. Create opportunities.
  7. Make mistakes. Use them to evolve. 
  8. Make time for play. Innovative and memorable work often comes from unexpected places. 
  9. Don’t worry about being original, be honest


If you are curious about where to start with your own Manifesto, here are a few resources to inspire and walk you through the process: