Sattelites orbiting aorund a planet in space

In orbit

In Animate This, LearningByDoing by Touki Katt

After what seems to be an eternity of not posting, I am back on track! The notorious heatwave did manage to push me off the orbit. It did however make me less prone to sitting at the computer and editing blog posts.

But the learning never stops! I have been racking my brains about making a 2D object in AfterEffects go around another one in a way that would make the scene look like 3D, implying depth.

Fortunately, the prolific Evan Abrams (@evancabrams) released a new tutorial on his YouTube channel, on making faux 3D satellites.

This animation is inspired by the vastness of space and the idea of being in an orbit. Sound bites come from NASA’s public archive.

The voice belongs to Leroy Gordon Cooper, American astronaut who “piloted the longest and final Mercury spaceflight in 1963” (Wikipedia). Thanks, Evan!