Joining creative forces with #The100DayProject

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I am working at boosting my mograph and animation skills and was happy to find out that the yearly #the100DaysProject starts today. Knowing myself I decided not to take on yet another load of what is to be done. My current idea of doing something new within animation every day wonderfully fits with the idea of the project. So here I am!


Boost my skills within motion graphics and animation and create enough good material for a reel.

Every day I will be learning something new within the field as well as practice animation. The idea is to make the images come alive by creating thoughtful movement using principles of animation and personal observations, make the viewer smile a bit and want to watch it again.


A lot of  what I see online looks and moves great but making larger pieces require more in terms of concept, design and execution.  I want to do larger smaller pieces: something larger than just animating a single letter but not so overwhelming that I would not be able to complete it within a week. I will be posting progress work as well as the final projects, once they are done.


I am prepared to be inspired by other creatives and also hope the project will help me find my own creative voice.

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