Female character looking very friendly

Say “hi” to Linda

In Character Design by Touki Katt

Meet Linda, my first “proper” digital character. She is painted in Photoshop, using Kyle Webster’s fabulous brushes.

The idea is to use her in Jake Bartlett’s Skillshare class on rigging characters using DUIK.

A woman looking very friendly

One of the many questions I about designing Linda was whether to use outline on her.

I am not a fan of outlines but they do bring artwork in focus. But outlined characters can be trickier to animate.

Then I remembered that the characters in the Danish cartoon I like, “Rita og Krokodille” (“Rita and the Crocodile”), are only PARTIALLY outlined. I never thought of that!

The next step was prepping the artwork for rigging (splitting limbs at the joints, etc.) Linda should be able to walk, so she was Jake takes one through the whole process in his class.

Linda is now ready to get a stable bone structure to support her on her adventures!