Set up for shooting set motion

Stop motion drama at my desk

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A box full of old lego toys

A few old lego toys became actors in my improvised stop motion drama

I was curious about stop motion but didn’t really know where to start. Finding Learning Stop Motion Animation course at by chance I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to move a few tiny toys around the desk. All I needed was:
  • a few objects to animate, with movable parts (I used a few old lego figures I found lying around the house)
  • an iPad, an iPhone or DSLR (I used an old iPad and an iPhone)
  • an app  (I used iStopMotion)

The course gives enough detail to equip a beginner like myself with enough actionable tips on how to plan and shoot a stop motion animation using these simple tools.

Connecting iPad to iPhone to use its camera

One neat features of iStopMotion is that it connects to the iPhone’s camera, as long as they are on the same Wi Fi. This allowed me to use the iPad as the monitor while I could use the camera on the iPhone that I was moving around the stage.

I’ve learnt a lot. For example, since I was moving both the camera and the objects but didn’t change the focus, at one point one of the figures got blurry.

Womans hands with palms downLego figures on the desk
Lego figures on the deskLego figures on the desk
Set up for shooting set motionSet up for shooting set motion


  • Learning Stop Motion Animation with Richard Harrington
  • iStopMotion App and it’s free add on for iPhone
  • other apps for stop motion: Stop Motion Studio, Stop Motion Pro, Dragonframe

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