4 weeks of Type and Yoga: Alignment Guidelines

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Out of experience I know what works for me and what can send me off the track. This is why I designed a set of “rules of engagement” for the week. 

I think it’s not individuals that have to be strong at all times. We need to design processes that will support us. 

Like schedules that push us yet also allows time for reflection, play and even “dolce fare niente“, the sweet art of “doing nothing”.  (We all know it’s when we don’t seemingly do the work that the best ideas come.)

So here are my guidelines.
Let the PLAY begin!

Day 1: Getting Grounded  

Complete a smaller project based on what I’ve learnt during the day.

Day 2: Going deeper

Continue exploring the topic and complete a smaller project.

Day 3: Plug it in!

A day of fun explorations and playing around, with poses and with interesting plug-ins/scripts. 
Expect the unexpected! 

Day 4 & 5: Say it Loud!

Work on a larger project around something that matters to me.  Complete by end of week 4. 

Day 6:  Look up, look in!

Watch the work of brilliant motion designers and animators I admire. Get inspired!
Look into peoples’ project files. See how they “did it”. Take notes.
Pay attention to what moves me. 

Day 7: “And one more thing…”

Improve something in one of the projects. Or do something else, entirely different. 

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