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TaY, Day 1: Getting Grounded

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Whenever we start learning a new skill, we learn the very basics first.

For me in yoga it's about learning to listen and trust to my own body just as it is about how to do a particular asana.

No matter how many tutorials we will see and how many teachers we will listen to, nobody will ever know what it feels like to be in my body. So I better find out! 

As a creative, I want to tune into what touches me and dare bring it into my work, rather than simulate the style of others. 

Project of the Day

Today I explored different ways of animating type in After Effects using text Animator:

  • Vertical Blur 
  • Tracking
  • Text on a Path

What do the options under text Animator do and how can they be used to make type move?

Things I would like to add or improve:

  • Change the text color for better contrast
  • Add a subtle random wiggle to the type as it settles (to keep some of that movement dynamic) 
  • Animate some glimmer particles with the word "magic" (maybe, and just a tiny bit)

    Resources: Type Animation

    Resources: Yoga Practice

    I finished my project after 9 pm and wanted a calming practice to prepare my body and brain for sleep.

    Jason Crandell is one of the teachers whose down-to-earth teaching style resonates with me. 

    Yoga Glo is one of my favourite places to go for guided yoga practice.

    Screenshot of a relaxing yoga class

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