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TAY, Day 2: Write it on with masks!

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Capricious autumn keeps revealing herself in mysterious ways. Time for text reveals!
I like the magic behind revealing the message. Together with an interesting visual it can produce wonderful results. 

Write-on technique is widely used and from what I see can be done in a variety of ways. 

In “Tribute to the AWESOME summer “  I use a somewhat advanced write-on technique where the letters are redrawn on a shape layer that then acts as a Track Matte.

The Track Matte is then animated using the Trim Paths property, revealing the letters underneath it.

Project of the Day

Screenshot of the settings with stroke effect

For this project I chose to reveal text animating the stroke effect applied to masks. Here’s what I did in a nutshell:

  • Imported the text from Illustrator into AfterEffects  
  • Created a bunch of masks by tracing the letters with a Pen tool 
  • Applied the stroke effect to the layer with masks
  • Animated the stroke effect
  • Done!
Screenshot of a relaxing yoga class

And here is the final text reveal over one of the photos I took in September with my iPhone.

Resources: Type Animation

Resources: Yoga Practice

Instead of the intended earlier in the day "fiery" class I did a brief sequence for stiff shoulders with Jason Crandell at YogaGlo.

This one is a keeper for short breaks away from the computer. 

Jason Crandell in a shoulder opening pose

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