TAY, Day 3: Gone with the Wind

In 4 weeks of TaY by Touki Katt

I love to watch leaves dancing in the wind, moving weightlessly through space. Recklessly throwing themselves in all directions. No thinking there, just go with the flow!  

So it was only a matter of time till I tested a plugin that could allow me play wind maker and blow away some type. 

Project of the Day

“Wind” for AfterEffects simulates turbulence effects that we see in nature and throws layers around in 3D space.

It can be used with all sorts of graphics. The interface is intuitive. One of the best things is that “Wind” comes with a bunch of wonderful presets simulating the movement in nature. 

Each preset can be easily customised, of course. 

Screenshot of a relaxing yoga class

I applied a few effects to the text to make it less smooth and better match the grainy background. Then I used one of the “Wind” presets I thought would work with the text. Voilà! 

Resources: Type Animation

Resources: Yoga Practice

I love Kathryn Budig's classes filled with energy, her sunny personality and a dose of warm humor. 

Today's class was a great morning starter with a stead build up of fire that burns our stories and quiets the mind. No time for thinking! 

Screenshot of a relaxing yoga class