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TAY, Days 4-5: Working it

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With just a few days into the project I am really tired. The descending darkness and practically no sunshine don’t help.

There are quite a few pieces to keep track of, including documenting it all here and rendering all the visuals in the right formats for different platforms and media. Ahhhhh…

The more important it is to seize the rare moments when the weather is more welcoming and take a walk outdoors. Take a breather, in other words. Which I did with my four-legged buddy Ike.

Ratterrier Ike outdoors

Project of the Day

Instead of saving it till the very end – the way it has been during the Bootcamps with the School of Motion – I intentionally give myself a chance for "early submersion". 

Two days each weak I can do something related to the project. This way it will have time to develop and mature and I will not rush the creative process too much.   

Part of yesterday and today were I devoted working on the concept for my project.

I've found a wonderful quote from Seth Godin on dealing with fear to animate.

So far I have:

  • Chosen the audio quote for animation
  • Prepped the .mp3 
  • Decided on the mood 
  • Chosen a typeface 
  • Found a few images that convey the feeling I want and added some texture to them. 

A great tool for giving my visuals the look I want in a short time is Topaz Texture Effects 2.

I can either use one of their presets or create my own composition from scratch.

Often times I apply a preset that conveys the feeling I want and then customise it to my soul’s content.

Because the tool is so intuitive, I can navigate around it and use new features as I go.

It’s easy to “undo” the actions which makes it easier to experiment.

I love how easy it is to see the original and the adjusted images side by side (see below).

I am aware of the danger of investing too much time in design so that there is no time left for animation at the end.
So at this stage I do not allow myself go into details.

I am terrified of whether I will do a good job so the fear is very real for me. It’s always been. 

Resources: Image Editing

Resources: Yoga Practice

I have to admit I didn't make it to the mat today. It's Friday and after dinner with a glass of wine tuning into Adobe Max Online seemed like a better idea than pulling a Vinyasa, however soothing. 

Lesson learned: Doing yoga in the late morning increases the chances of me succeeding to get on that yoga mat. So this is what I should do.     

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