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TAY, Day 8: What’s YOUR mark?

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This week I continue exploring animating text write-on. In the wonderfully informative tutorial Joey Korenman shares both the fast and the furious techniques of text reveals.

Joey’s goal was to produce the effect of the text being painted by a real, deliciously textured brush. Just what I wanted!

The third method was the most labour intensive but delivered the most interesting results.

It involves using the scanned brush strokes as the source for animating the mask path.

To make the brush stroke wrap around the mask, Joey is using Omino snake – a nifty free plug in for AfterEffects. It worked quite well with AfterEffects CC 2018, aside from a few software crushes.

Screenshot of the process in AfterEffects
I used different brush strokes (using the fantastic brush texture pack from Ariel Costa) for each letter in “what’s” and “mark?”.

Some of the brush strokes almost entirely run out of paint. Letting the background image of the white canvas show through the uneven brush strokes made the whole composition look authentic and “painterly”.

One thing I am not entirely happy with at the moment is the timing. I did my best at the moment though.

Resources: AfterEffects

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